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Author Topic: PVR Picnic  (Read 628 times)

Rod Jackson

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PVR Picnic
« on: February 12, 2018, 06:22:34 PM »
At our last Quarterly Meeting we chose March 10th for our PVR Picnic. So it’s time to get things cooking.
My man Christian volunteered to do the cooking… Big Ups to Chrisitan. My girl Kathleen volunteered to do the shopping… Great job. Now these are the things we need, and need to do.
We need a grill. We might not get to use one at the park, so does anyone have a small grill they can bring.
I have one pop up awning, who can bring another one, maybe two or three.
We will also need three or four people to get to the park early, so we can drag tables to the area we choose.
March 10th isn’t that far away, so come on people, speak up, so we can All Have a Great Time.
We also need a head count. Bring your families, just let us know how many. Please get us your hear count by March 3rd
One other thing, I will be bringing a Corn Hole Game and will be accepting all challenges.
So Please RSVP ASAP so we can get things in motion
Rod Jackson
PVR President